I-lipo the laser liposuction now non ivasive

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How is the treatment carried out?

The treatment is carried out by our qualified laser technician. On your scheduled consultation a trained professional will evaluate your personal situation (if you are a candidate for this treatment) and advise you on the process. You will be informed in detail about the treatment, pre care and aftercare procedures.

Firstly, the area is cleansed and disinfected. The hair needs to be trimmed down to 1-2 mm in length. During the laser treatment you MUST wear protective eyewear! Our laser technician sets treatment parameters and proceed with an initial test shot to determine suitable energy settings. The handpiece is placed in contact with skin surface and the laser light emitted onto the skin. The handpiece is then moved to the neighboring area and the laser shots are repeated until full coverage of the treatment area is complete.

Who can be treated?

Fitzpatrick 1-6 skin type patients are eligible for this treatment as well as tanned patients.

Very fair hair has less melanin and consequently less heat is produced, simply raising the fluence output from the laser treats such hair. White hair has no melanin and cannot be effectively treated with this method.

What part of the body can be treated?

All body parts can be treated: face, neck, chest, arms, underarms, bikini, legs, back etc.


by A SKROBOT 14 Oct, 2016
I-Lipo is a new revolutionary system that uses low level lasers for smoothing cellulite, fat reduction, and body shaping treatments. I-Lipo uses photo bio-modulation to stimulate the body's natural process for releasing stored content in the adipose cells. Every day the human body is storing excess calories from your diet in the adipose tissue. The brain is in control of when the contents are released, and then metabolised into energy. You can compare the adipose cells to a re-chargeable battery, sometimes used and sometimes stored up depending on diet and exercise. I-Lipo triggers the release of the contents, without exercise, and is able to target the precise, stubborn areas. I-Lip
by A SKROBOT 14 Oct, 2016

How is our diode laser hair removal treatment special?

At the ELIPSA we utilize a specially calibrated 808 nm diode laser system that is capable of treating even darker skin types. Fitzpatrick 1-6 skin type patients are eligible for this treatment as well as tanned patients. The laser’s chilled tip handpiece is designed to treat even sensitive areas with maximum comfort. The size of the handpiece is ideal for treating small delicate areas for example the upper lip or bikini line, or even hard to reach intimate areas. However the super fast 10 Hz settings allow large areas for example the back to be treated quickly and efficiently.

In addition of the built in sapphire chilled tip cooling, the art of hair removal rises to new levels of excellence with treatments that are simultaneously fast, precise and comfortable. Due to their homogenous absorption, deep penetration, and effectiveness with all skin types, diode laser treatments are considered to be the gold standard for hair removal treatment. Our laser’s maximum fluence is 120J/cm² that ensures outstanding treatment results, even treating the most stubborn hairs safely and effectively.

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